Burger alert: Spinach burgers

spinach burgersThese green burgers are definitely one of my favorites at the moment. Easy to make, full of protein and so delicious. You can combine them with bread, like real burger, but I love to eat them with sweet potato fries. The burgers are green which makes them perfect for a diner with friends. They will be surprised by the taste! This is a must try, but I warn you, wants you try them you will eat them at least ones a week..

This is what you need for 4 burgers (2 persons)
– 150 grams chickpeas
– 1 union
– 50 grams fresh spinach
– 50 grams oat flour
– 50 grams spelt flour
– 1 egg
– 1 spoon olive oil
– 1 tea spoon rosemary
– 1 tea spoon red pepper powder
– 1 spoon pumpkin seeds
– a bit of pepper and salt
– butter

green burgerDry the chickpeas and cut the union in small pieces. Mix everything in a kitchen machine. Add the oat flour, the spelt flour, the spices, the olive oil and the seeds. Mix everything again. At the egg at the end. Mix everything again. If you dough is not steady enough add a bit more spelt flour. Make four burgers of the dough and bake the burgers with butter until both sides are brown. I tried to bake the burgers with coconut oil but it didn’t work for me. And a bit of butter now and them isn’t that bad 😉

Enjoy your green burgers!

With love, from Dublin..

2 thoughts on “Burger alert: Spinach burgers

  1. Thanks for the receipe 🙂 We already tried it yesterday and will have it today for lunch. Really tasty 🙂

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