5 reasons to eat more Tuna

benefits of tunaTuna is a superfood, no doubt about it. Some people like tuna, other don’t. What I like about tuna, besides of all the healthy benefits, is you can make different meals with it. Tuna is great for lunch, for example in a wrap, and for diner you can use tuna in a salad, in pasta or keep in simple with vegetables and rice.  The amount if healthy benefits of tuna is endless and it reminds me as well why I should eat tuna more often!

High source of Protein
Tuna is a great source of protein. 100 grams of tuna contain 25 grams of protein. An egg “only” contains 6 grams of protein. This means tuna helps you grow and recover muscles. The protein in tuna gives you a full feeling as well. This means less eating and snacking.

Helps prevent high blood pressure
Tuna is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acid maintains a healthy blood pressure. People with high blood pressure even benefit more.

Good for the heart
Tuna is great food for your heart. The heart rate function, called heart rate variability can be increased bu eating tuna. This is because of the Omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acid also protects your heart from abnormal heart rhythms. So eat tuna at least ones a week and you will make your heart happy!

Boost your immune system
Tuna contains the antioxidant, selenium, which benefits your immune system. You immune system protects your from diseases and sickness. This will help you to stay fit. And that’s what we are looking for.

Source of vitamin B
Tuna contains a high amount of vitamin B. Vitamin B maintains red blood cells and gives you energy. Besides of this vitamin B increase the rate of metabolism and keeps you skin healthy.

My diner for tonight is a tuna salad with couscous and vegetables. Do you eat enough tuna?


With love, from Dublin..

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