These are the most annoying things when I'm running

annoying things when I'm runningI can talk for hours about running and why I love it. Running gives me a happy feeling and I always enjoy it. But even under the perfect circumstances, like a sunny day without wind there are few thing that annoy me. And I think if you run as well, you will recognize these annoying thing!

Red traffic lights
Red traffic lights, you have to stop. Stopping is never fun. But waiting for a red traffic light is even worse. You always arrive at red traffic lights when they just switched to red. And it feels like it takes hours before the light switches in to green.

Of course, dogs are cute. And I understand that a dog has no understanding of walking in your way. But when I’m running and a dog walks in my way it annoys me. Especially when they see you as their new playmate.  And they run with you. This takes you out of your running flow and it always takes a bit of time to come back in it. So, people with dogs, please keep your dog with you when a runner is passing you by.

Let me start with saying, I enjoy people saying positive things when you pass by. Or people who stop their car so you don’t have to stop. I’m very tankful to all those people. What annoys me are groups of people that go for a walk, mostly 3 of 4 people, and they walk next to each other. This means no space left for you to pass them. If they give you a bit of space, it is all fine. I understand that the most beautiful places to run are also the best places to go for a walk. But it annoys me when a group of people don’t give you any space to pass. This means that you have to stop or pass them by leaving the street and run besides the cars or any other less save or comfortable place. So let’s agree from now one, we all have the rights to use the street we are walking or running on. This means we respect each other and give each other some space, amen.

Kids, they don’t really annoy me, specially because they look cute and they are young. But they can stand in the way like nobody else can. And when you try to pass them, they can make it even more difficult for you because they trow their bike in front of you or the ball they play with just drops out their hands. And aldo I almost always have to laugh of all this, it can be annoying, a bit.

Cars how don’t make decisions
When you cross a street and you see a car coming, you lower your speed, watch the car and wait until the cars passes you by. This is a strategy that a lot of runners use so they don’t have to stop. Most of the times it works perfectly. But some cars slow down, stop, drive again and mess up your strategy. This means that you have to stop. If a car just keeps on driving, without changing speed, there wouldn’t be a problem. So dear car drivers, runners know what they do, they don’t jump in front of your car. So keep on driving and trust the runner. Believe me, you will make new friends.

What annoys you when you are running?

With love, from Dublin..

2 thoughts on “These are the most annoying things when I'm running

  1. The above mentioned are definitely a pain. I think one of the things that annoys me most when I’m running is when people try to hold a conversation with me. Mainly because when I run, and mind you, I have recently become a runner, I am focused in my own head. It’s a way to help me release built up anxiety and in order to do that, I like to focus on running itself.

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