This is why working out alone is great

work out aloneWorking out together with a friend can be very motivating. When you work out with friends or in a group you can’t let the others down. But there are a lot of reasons why you can enjoy a exercise alone. I really enjoy some “me time” in the gym or during a run.  So has you friend no time for a work out or you can’t attend a group training? No worries, doing you work out alone has a lot of benefits.

Me time
Me time, one of the reasons why I love to exercise alone. You don’t have to wait for other. Your training is all about you. When I go for a run I have a lot of time to think about nice things. It feels a bit like day dreaming. This helps me to relax and clear my mind. Me time in the gym means no waiting for weights, no exercises you don’t want to do and not spending to much time chatting with friends without exercising.

Train when you want to train
Are you busy in the evening? Do your training in the morning. When you work out alone you can exercise when you have time to exercise. You can train before or after your work. And when you have to reschedule your training you only have to check your own diary.

music to work outTime for music
Training all by yourself means no conversations. You can enjoy your music without answering questions or conversations. Music on and focus. You will finish your work out before you notice!

Work out at home
Do you have no time or energy do go to the gym or for a run? When you train alone you can work out at home as well. A work out at home is perfect for a rainy and cold day. Switch on your favorite tv show and start your work out! This is also a great way to do your work outs when you are every busy and you have less time.

What do you prefer, training alone of together with friends?

With love, from Dublin..

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  1. This is very true. I have a workout buddy for a little while and although I loved working out with her I found myself making excuses not to go when she didn’t want to go! NOT GOOD! And I agree that it’s nice to have the time to yourself and do your workout your way! Nice post

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