4 tips to stay fit when you travel

stay fit when you travelI love to travel. Not only to the Netherlands to see my friends and family but also around the world. City trips, long trips I love them all! Travelling often means eating different then you use to do. Travelling also means a different way of working out. Let me start with giving your body a few days off is fine. But if you are similar to me you like to succeed your fit journey during traveling as well. These tips will help you stay fit and healthy during traveling and there is enough time left to enjoy the beautiful places you visit!

Drink lots of water
Wherever you travel or go, drink lots of water. In some countries you have to buy bottles of water because of the water quality. Don’t save money on water. Water helps your body recover after a long trip. Water helps your body stay hydrated in high temperatures and water takes to need of snacking away. When you eat at restaurants water gives you a full feeling and makes you eat less. This is definitely the most important tip. It is simple, fast and cheap.

Don’t be lazy
Traveling often means time off. Relaxing, enjoying time with friends and family and eating delicious food. Most important, enjoy this time. Relaxing, feeling good and happy is really good for your body. This doesn’t mean that you should be lazy! You don’t have to take the bus or the car for everything. Walk or rent a bike. Try to plan active trips after lazy days. Do you stay at a hotel? Take the stairs in stead of the lift. When you become lazy you’ll feel less fit. And how do you get the most out of your trip? When you are fit!

Bring your running shoes (or not)
I always save a bit of place in my bag or my running shoes. Not only because you can run everywhere but also because you can work out on those shoes. I love to run in new cities and countries. When it is not possible to run because of time, temperature or anything else you can use your sport shoes to work out in your room. Squats, push ups, abs training, you can do them everywhere as well. Less time? A very intensive training of 15 minutes wakes your body and gives you your fit feeling back. My favorites work outs are runs on the beach, without shoes. Feeling the sea water on your feet is the best feeling ever!

Eat fresh and pure
One of the main reasons why I love to travel is the food. Specially when I travel outside Europe I love to food! Very often local food is fresh. Try to eat local food. Fruit and vegetables always taste better when you are traveling. And eating local food doesn’t only mean eating healthy, it also means you try new things. And I promise you, it will be a food experience!

How do you stay fit when you are traveling?

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  1. Goede blog, ik herken mezelf! Op mijn drie maanden reis in Azië had ik mijn running schoenen meegenomen. Er was dan ook niets fijner dan runnen door onbekende gebieden met de zon op mijn bol en workouts te doen op het strand. Ook ben ik zeker niet lui geweest. Door de vele actieve uitjes, veel water te drinken, gezonde verse maaltijden & fruit te eten ben ik fit gebleven!

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