4 reasons to eat more protein

protein food 2Do you want to loose weight? Do you want to look fit? And do you believe strong is the new skinny? Your are not getting those results with a low amount of calories. You will loose weight when you eat less calories but you will also loose muscles. This means you will get skinny not strong. What about being never hungry and grow your muscles by a small change in your life. Would you like that? The answer is simple, eat more protein. Protein helps you gain muscles and gives you a full feeling. And that results in: a strong and fit body!

Protein gives you a full feeling
Protein give you a full feeling. This means less snacking. And less snacking means, loosing weight. Try to eat protein in every meal. Eggs are not the only food that contain protein. Brown rice, quinoa, yoghurt, cottage cheese, almonds and a lot of other products contain protein as well. Find products that you like and mix these products in your breakfast, lunch and diner.

Protein burns body fat
When you eat food with protein your body needs more energy do digest. This means that your body will take body fat to digest the food. For carbohydrates and fat your body needs less energy and this means a lower about of body fat that gets burned.

Protein helps grow muscles
Muscles need protein to recover after a work out and recovery means muscle grow. Protein helps you seeing results faster and getting more results. And muscles mean a lower amount of body fat.

Protein benefits concentration and makes you happy
The amino acid in protein help you to feel more emotions. This means that you feel more happy. The amino acid also benefits your concentration. You will live intenser and reach more goals. Protein is the perfect food for your brain!

Every body needs a different amount of protein. The amount you need depends on your work out, body weight and goals. Your protein need will be around 15% – 20% of your daily intake.

Do you eat enough protein?

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