All you need to know about training with a personal trainer

Train with personal trainerI never really saw the value of a personal trainer. Personal trainers were in my eyes expensive and only for people that needed some extra motivation or tips to start work out. But 4 weeks ago I started to train with a personal trainer myself. The main reason was to get a good understanding of strength training. 4 weeks later I definitely see the value of a personal trainer. And I also experienced personal trainers don’t have to be expensive. Now I believe a small investment can help you improve your work out carrier in the coming years. Do you think about training with a trainer? This will help you get a good understanding of personal training.

Do you research
Do a bit of research before you pick your personal trainer. I met a few personal trainers and discussed my goals with them. They were all very willing to help and explained me the way they work. One of the personal trainers told me that I have to eat a lot of meat and other food that I don’t like. This was a reason for me not to work with this personal trainer. After speaking with some other trainers I found a trainer who eats quinoa himself and speaks the same “oat language” as I do. Perfect match!

Speak about prices
I found out a lot of trainers ask different prices. Prices are based on the program they offer, the advise they give and the amount of training moments you will do with the trainer. Aldo this all make sense, some personal trainers ask a high price per hour. Ask a personal trainer always about prices before you start training. This will protect you against surprises and it helps you understanding the value of what you are investing in. I train ones a week with my trainer and he creates two new programs per week that I have to finish myself. Diet advise is included. This works really good for me but maybe you need more days per week together with your trainer.

Do what you trainer advises you
When I started to train with my trainer it felt like I wasn’t working out hard enough. I was just to sweat after a long run. And at the gym I always did cross fit training or spinning classes which make you sweat as well. Strength training sometimes doesn’t feel that hard but believe me, the sore muscles will come. (on day two) I made the mistake to do a run the day after a heavy strength training and my muscles have never been this extreme sore as they were that second day. When your personal trainer advises you to take rest, take it. (and enjoy it).

Invest in the future
Personal trainers are great. The help you to do a correct dead lift or squat without getting back pain or other injuries. When you know how to do a good squat or other exercise you can build up the weight yourself. And this is great! You can use this knowledge in the coming years to get more results. This means that you don’t have to train with a personal trainer forever. When you know the basics you can train by yourself. But the only way the understand the basics is to trust your trainer and listen to his advise.

Eat the right products
My trainer explained me the difference between eating and eating. You have to eat the right products to get results out of strength training. Every body is different. The great thing about training with a trainer is the trainer will advise you, based on your body and needs. My trainer gave me an overview of the percentage protein, fat and carbohydrates that I have to eat to reach my goals. I can pick to products myself, as long as I stick to the different percentages. I use MyFitnessPall to measure everything I eat. This works for me. Ask a personal trainer about his diet advise and see if this fits your way of training and eating.

Training with a personal trainer is a real eye opener for me. It really helps me and I love the fact that I invest in the future. Do you train with a personal trainer?

With love, from Dublin..

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