Warning this "healthy looking" food is not healthy

hidden sugarsWe know that candy and soda drinks contain a lot of sugar. But there are some products that seem to be healthy but they are not. They may look healthy because of the marketing around the product but most of those products contain a lot of sugar. A great way to find those “healthy looking” products, that contain a lot of sugar, is to use the app; My FitnessPal. In the app you can scan all products you eat and you can see the amount of sugar the products contain. You can also see to total amount of sugar you eat during the day. Warning, this can be shocking! To help you a bit, these products aren’t as healthy as they look:

Produced fruit juice
Produced fruit drinks look really healthy and seem to contain a lot of fruit. At least, that is what the package says. Those drinks do contain fruit (maybe not as much as the package promises you) but also contains a high amount of sugar. This to give the drinks a long shelf life and a nice taste. Do you like fruit juices? Make your own fruit juices at home so you know what they contain. You will see that homemade juices are not only more healthy but they also taste better!

Healthy bars
You try to snack healthy, that is really good! But don’t take the healthy bars as a healthy snack. Of course those bars contain nuts and maybe a little bit of fruit but the bars are high in sugar as well. Sugar is used in different versions, like syrup, to keep the products together and to give the bars a sweet taste. Maybe the description on the package makes you believe that no sugar is added. This doesn’t mean the ingredients don’t contain sugar.

Light products
I’m guilty on this one as well. I loved to drink Coca Cola Light years ago but I stopped after knowing this fact.. Coco cola light contains no sugar. This is true. Other light products don’t contain sugar either. The problem is in the e-numbers who makes these products “light products”. Most of the used e-numbers are sweeteners, like the ones used in Coca Cola Light. Those sweeteners tell you body that you’ve been eating or drinking sugar (which is not). Your body reacts on this by making insulin. Normally insulin turns sugar in to energy. But when you eat or drinks light products your body doesn’t get any sugar and all the insulin turns in to fat. This is not only unhealthy it also makes you gain weight.

Cereals and other produced breakfast corns
Another hidden product full of sugars, cereals and breakfast corns. These products claim to be the best way to start your day but all the versions contain a lot of sugar. This means that you start your day with a high amount of sugar in stand of with a healthy breakfast that gives you energy for a long time. Take oats with some fresh fruit and nuts as a breakfast. This is not only more healthy than cereals, it also gives you the kick start of the day that the cereals promise you!

Are you aware of the amount of sugar that you eat everyday?

With love, from Dublin..

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  1. I already knew these hidden “healthy” foods. But what I think is bad is that a lot of people do not know this. They think they are being healthy or giving their children healthy stuff by letting them drink orange juice… Sad story actually 🙂 So it’s good that you wrote this article!

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