You can wake me up in the middle of the night for.. My healthy addictions

healthy addictionAddictions, we all have them, including me. And today it is time to share my addictions with you. The addictions are healthy but still they are addictions. And that means for them, you can wake me up in the middle of the night. Well maybe not always but I love the moments when I eat them or when I do them. There we go!

Mugcakes and oat breakfast
O yes, best moment of the day, breakfast. I love breakfast. I wake up, always hungry and I enjoy every piece of my breakfast. I always eat breakfast, skipping is not an option. When I have to go up really early I prefer my breakfast the night before. In my eyes is a mugcake the best way to start the day.

Early morning runs
It may sounds a bit strange but I love early morning runs. And this feeling starts after the first kilometer. The wake up part and the first kilometer is less funny. But the feeling after a morning run is amazing. I feel fit and energized during the day. It motivates me to eat clean as well. I love the feeling of running in the dark in a silent world.

New running shoes
This is a more expensive one, new running shoes. Nothing feels better than running on new running shoes. New running shoes look nice and clean, they feel soft when you wear them and they give you the feeling that you can run forever. Unfortunately I can’t buy new shoes every week, so I enjoy these moments every six months..

Home made breads
Oat bread, banana bread, broccoli bread, you name it, I love it. I bake breads every week and I love to try new ones. Home made breads are the perfect snack during the day. And I can tell you, that can be every moment of the day.

I only drink tea and water. Boring? Not at all! I can drink liters of green tea and I enjoy every liter. Tea is warm, it smells nice and it fits to every part of the day. I start every morning with a lemon tea. There are a lot of discussions around the healthy benefits, I know. But I drink lemon tea because I really like it.

Sore muscles
I love sore muscles and the feeling that I did a work out. Sore muscles feel like progression and that what we work for! But also love the feeling after a long run; satisfaction. The feeling that you finished your work out is always the best moment of the work out.

What are your healthy addictions?

With love, from Dublin

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