What to eat and what not to eat to get more energy

energy foodFood gives us energy. The amount of energy depends on what you eat. Sugar gives you energy for a short time. And after the energy spike your energy is gone. Not ideal during a busy day or a intensive work out. Since I removed sugar out of my meals I feel more energy in my body. But this is not only because I exclude sugar. When you eat the right food on the right time you have more energy during the day in the evening to go to the gym or hang out with friends. Energy can influence your daily life. When you don’t have energy you are not able to do what you like. A low energy level will keep you home at the couch, doing nothing. That’s fine for a day or two but not for weeks. A few small changes in the way you eat will give you the energy to do what you like and maybe even more!

Stabilize your blood sugar levels
Sugar is definitely the number one problem when it comes a low amount of energy. Soda drinks, fruit drinks and candy contain fast sugars. The fast sugars give your body a spike of energy. After the spike of energy, all the energy is gone. Slow sugars which you can find for example in quinoa and oats keep stabilize your blood sugar levels. When you eat fast sugars in every meal your blood sugar levels will spike. This leads to a low amount of energy. When you eat slow sugars during the day your blood sugar levels stabilize and you will have a lot of energy. My favorite slow sugar foods are: oats, banana’s, quinoa, kale, spinach, blue berries, almonds, walnuts and sweet potatoes. But believe me there is more!

Eat the right proportions
A big meal will take you energy away. We all know the feeling after a long diner in a restaurant or at home. We call it the after diner dip. It feels like all your energy is gone and you only want to sleep. At that moment your body digest everything you’ve been eating. A big meal takes a lot of energy and time to digest. It is better for your body to eat more small meals during the day and three big meals. Small meals (containing slow sugars of course) will not only keep you blood sugar levels stable but also take less time to digest. This will take less energy from your body and that means more energy to do other things. I eat very often oat bread during the day to keep my blood sugar level stable. (And because it is delicious!)

Drink enough water
Your body needs water for everything. You can’t live without water. Water gives you energy as well. A lot of people forget to drink water. A low amount of water leads to a low energy level and a headache. Try to drink two/ three liter water per day. Try this for 3 weeks and you will feel and see the difference.

What do you eat or drink to get energy?

With love, from Dublin..

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  1. Wonderful practical tips and I KNOW water is a big one – and one that most of us overlook. I drink a lot of water – but not nearly enough especially in the winter. And “portion control” – that one is one of my worst enemies! Thanks for the great tips!

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