Do you run with good shoes?

runnerShoes are important when you run. Running on the wrong shoes can be painful and it can lead to injuries. Sneakers are a fashion item at the moment and you can buy them in a different colors and models. But when you go for a run over 10 km the color doesn’t matter anymore. You need a good shoes that fits you perfectly. Are you not sure if you run on the right shoes? This will help you.

Watch out for foot problems
Heel or arch pain and shin splints are a sign that you are running on the wrong shoes. You can get these problems as well when you run to often but if you run 2-4 times a week you know that your shoes are the problem. Pain is always a sign that something is wrong.

Be sure that your shoes are wide enough
Put your shoes on and look down to your feet. Is the upper ballooning over the edge of the midsole? This means that your shoes are to small. You need a wider model. Can you grab the material above your toes and wrinkle it up? Than you know that your shoes are to wide. In a running shop you can get personal advise on the different models that fit your feet the best.

Don’t follow the trends
This may sound a bit strange but don’t buy shoes because of the trend. You see very often new models in running shoes, with a tick sole or a thin sole. Stick to the model that fits you the best. Ones you found your perfect shoes keep on running on those shoes. This will protect your against injuries.

Buy your shoes from a person, not online
It is impossible to find the perfect shoes online. Ask a sales person in a running shop for help. The sales person can take a look at your feet and can advise you based on the way you stand and run. This is impossible to do online.

Good running shoes are an investment but it will protect you against pain and other problems. I bought my first running shoes years ago and I never changed the model. Running shoes can make or break your run, be aware of that when you buy new running shoes.

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6 thoughts on “Do you run with good shoes?

  1. I am a toe runner and favor Vibram five-fingers shoes; for getting back into running, I like Nikes with a lunarlon sole, and no padding on the bridge of my foot. I wear hiking boots 3/4 of the year and my feet have spread too much for most trendy sneakers; I need less padding in the top and more in my outer arch and heel.

  2. After 20 years, I had to stop running about 10 months ago because I started suffering from shin splints. Came out of nowhere. Now, I can only go for about 10 minutes before I HAVE to stop. I’ve been trying to self diagnose (stride, warm-ups, stretches, etc) but perhaps it’s time that I look at the shoes. Maybe they are the culprit. 🙁

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