The power of strength training

strength trainingWe all want to look good, we want to be fit and some of us what to loose some weight. A lot of people think they can a chief these goals by doing cardio training and a diet. But the answer is; healthy food and strength training! I believe muscle grow benefits weight loose and makes you look fit and good. To see the real results I train with a personal trainer in the gym to coming 6 weeks. I just finished my first week of gym training and all my muscles are sore. This means, something happens with my muscles! These are some great facts around strength training.

Burn calories after you work out
After you strength training your body keeps on burning calories for 24 hours! This means you will loose weight when you watch a move or at work. To recover your muscles need energy. This results in burning calories.

Strength training makes you strong
Makes sense, strength training makes you strong. And this will benefit you in your daily life. You can lift things easy and you have more energy. This means better results at work, more energy for a social life and no more early evening sleeps during a movie.

Stronger bones
Strength training leads to healthy bones. The work outs benefit your density of your bone tissue. Great benefit!

Strength training shapes your body
Strength training gives you a good body position and it shapes your body. And it leads to a strong body without making you to skinny. A nice extra is the fact that you will be better in other sports as well!

Do you want to start with strength training like me? Ask for help at the gym, Every body needs an other way of strength training. A trainer can help you set up a training.

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  1. My boyfriend first showed me the benefits of strength training specifically for women. I’m still new to the entire thing. What do you do for strength training with your trainer?

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