Soup Alert! Sweet potatoes, parsnip and tomato soep

SoupI love soup in the winter! It gives you a warm feeling, a full feeling and it is easy to make. I like to try new combinations. But soup is also the perfect meal to make with you left overs. When I prepare a soup always start with an onion and olive oil. Soup with sweet potatoes is one of my favorite. This is what you need for this delicious, orange soup:

– 250 grams sweet potatoes
– 200 grams parsnip
– 4 tomatoes
– 1 union
– 1000 ml water
– 2 carrots
– a bit of olive oil
– a bit of salt and pepper
– a spoon of chili peppers
– a spoon of pepper powder
– a spoon of rosemary
– a spoon of thyme

Cut all the vegetables in small pieces. Cook the water in a kettle. Heat the olive oil in a soup pan and bake the union for a few minutes. When the onion colors transparent add the water to the unions. Add the spices and the pepper and salt to the water. When the water cooks add the vegetables. Cook the vegetables for 20 minutes. Turn of the head and use a hand blender to mix the vegetables. When all the vegetables are fluid your soup is ready to eat. I always add a bit extra chili pepper to make to soup more spicy.

4 thoughts on “Soup Alert! Sweet potatoes, parsnip and tomato soep

  1. Sounds great! I love parsnips- so underrated! My dad cooks with them all the time, the flavor instantly takes me back to giant pot roasts in his grandmother’s Dutch oven on the stove.

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