Eating healthy at restaurants

healthy restaurantsDiner in a restaurant with friends or family, one of the best places to enjoy good food and the people around you. But, most restaurants are also a good place to eat to much and not very healthy. I always enjoy diner at restaurants. I love to try new recipes and it is a great way to get inspired for new recipes. But I prefer to eat as healthy as possible at restaurants as well. Do you need some tips for your next restaurant visit? This will help you:

Enjoy the food and the people your with
Let me start by saying that eating in a restaurant should be fun. You need to relax and enjoy. This is impossible if you only focus on the “unhealthy” food around you. Allow yourself to eat a bit more food and maybe a bit less healthy food than you normally eat. There is nothing wrong with enjoying food. Stressing out is less healthy!

Pick a light starter. A soup or a salad are great for a starter. It is good to start with a starter. This will take your hunger away and will help you to eat less of your main course. Soup gives you a full feeling and mostly only contains vegetables (most soups are vegetarian). When you choose a salad, pick one with eggs or chicken. The protein will give you a full feeling as well.

Bread and butter
The hardest part of eating at a restaurant.. The delicious bread. When you start eating the bread it is really hard to stop. Start with drinking a glass of water. This will take you hunger away. If you can ignore the bread you are a hero and I would say, don’t eat it. If you can’t, like me, wait until the bread is almost finished. This will protect you against eating to much. One or two pieces of bread are fine, no problem at all. But stop after two. It is not only healthy but benefits your starter and main diner as well!

Main course
Try to find the most healthy course you can find and pick something you like as well. Remember, diner should be fun. A healthy course can be roasted chicken, vegetarian, salmon and salads. Very often the main course isn’t the issue, it is the food you eat with your main course. Potatoes, sauces and butter are not very healthy. Start with eating the healthiest part of your diner first and end with the less healthy part. It would be great if you are already full before you start with the potatoes!

I’m not a big fan of desserts (lucky me). So I always take a tea for dessert. Do you really enjoy desserts? Try to split a dessert with somebody. This will not only save you a lot of calories but you will feel that you don’t need more than a half dessert because you already eat enough.

Drink a lot of water during diner. This will protect you from eating to much and eating without thinking. But more important enjoy your evening out!

With love, from Dublin..

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  1. I always ask to skip the rice/noodles at hibachi and get extra veggies instead. With shrimp, it’s a perfect meal. Still high calorie, since it is HIBACHI, but so much better for me.

  2. These are such great tips! I really like your idea to wait on the bread because I know I always eat WAY to much when it is sitting right in front of me! Thanks!

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