My never ending Fit Journey

Fit JourneyLet me start with the fact that it is good thing, a never ending Fit Journey. At least it is for me. My Fit Journey started almost 10 years ago and changed from a losing weight journey, in to a competition running journey, in to an e-number free journey, in to a fitness journey. I like the fact that my journey keeps on changing. Every journey fits perfectly in the different moments of my life. Let’s go back 10 years when I started my Fit Journey..

I wasn’t fat but I loved eating. And not healthy food, I preferred cookies, candy and snacks. I loved everything and I was always hungry. I’m sure nobody will remember me as overweight but I wasn’t fit. I was lazy and my pants were getting a bit tight. I dreamed about waking up with in a skinny body but believe me, it never happened. That summer I decided to change my life. My “diet” was simple. No sugar and snacks, only my 3 meals per day. When I started this journey I lost weight really fast, specially in the first two months. My friends and family were very enthusiastic about the results and this motivated me to continue my journey. After 1 years I lost 12 kilo’s and I was feeling great. But it was not only the “diet” that give me those results. I felt in love with running as well.

I was never extremely motivated when it came to work outs. I did work out but I never really sweated. When I started my journey to loose weight I decided to start running as well. I went for a short run for two times when two of my friends invited me for a run with them. I was fine, that what they told me. And that run was my first 10km run. It was hard and far but I loved it! This motivated me to run at least three times a week. Three times became four times a week and I was getting faster and stronger. I really enjoyed the running, and I still do. After a year I decided to do some competitions. Started with a 10 km run but I felted in love with the half marathon. During one of the competitions I got in contact with an other runner. She invited me to join the running club. I joined the club and started to train seriously. I did a lot of competitions and my fit journey changed in to a “be fit for running” journey. This journey is totally different that the loose weight journey. You have to eat enough to stay fit. I loved the balance between eating enough and running long distances.

This journey continue and after a few years I met my boyfriend. He was also fit and very motivated to work out. (and he still is) We run together and spoke hours about food and a healthy lifestyle. My interest in healthy food was born. When we moved in together I was to busy to do running competitions. I left the running club and started to run only because I loved it. During that time I found my passions for pure food. My interest in e-number free food grew and my journey changed in to a “eat clean and pure journey” I read a lot about pure food and I tried “new” food as super foods and oats. I combined my running training with cross fit and my body started to change a bit. I was getting muscles!

After a year, my boyfriend and I decided to move to Dublin. A very exiting decision and for my Fit Journey a change again. I had to find my supermarkets, new running rounds and a nice gym. At the moment we are in Dublin for over a year. I run on the beach and train at an amazing gym. With the start of this new year I decided to focus more on muscle grow. I changed my journey in to a fitness journey. This means that I focus on protein, carbohydrates, fat etc. I’ve never done this before. I start to train with a personal trainer this week. My main focus will be the gym but running will always be part of my Fit Journey.

I think it is good to find a Fit Journey that fits you. You can’t change your lifestyle in one day. A Fit Journey takes time. I hope my story inspires you to find your Fit Journey. And remember, a Fit Journey is not for a lifetime a Fit Journey fits in to your life!

With love, from Dublin..

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  1. Ahaaaa, nu weet ik eindelijk over Dublin, ik had het hier nog niet teruggevonden! Mooie journey, de mijne startte anderhalf jaar geleden, maar ik hou nooit lang vol. Sinds 2015 ga ik dat lekker wel doen! Veel succes en geniet van je dag! xxxx

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