Top 10 products to start your Fit Journey

healthy food2A lot of people ask me for help around a healthy lifestyle. It is great that people get inspired by my blog and I love to help you all! Keep on sending me your questions. One question inspired me for this blog. What are the 10 products that I need to have to start my Fit Journey? Let me start by saying that a Fit Journey includes work out as well. I would advise you to work out 2-3 times a week. A work out can be a visit to the gym, a power walk or a run training. Pick a work out you like. The list below will help you with eating healthy. You can buy all the products at the supermarket, cheap and simple. And you can find more information about the products via the links in the list. Let this list inspire you!ย 

1 Oats
Life is impossible without oats! Oats are the perfect food to start your day with. Oats contain slow carbohydrates which give you energy for a long time. And oats are cheap! Definitely a must have.


2 Eggs
Your body needs protein. Protein benefits muscle grow. Muscle grow helps you burning fat during the day. This means that you can burn fat after your work out! Eggs give you a full feeling as well. You will snack less and this helps you manage your weight.

3 Banana’s
Banana’s are great for healthy snacks. Because of the sweet taste you don’t need sugar. Banana’s contain fruit sugars which give you energy. The fibers in banana’s help you to manage your weight. One of two pieces of fruit per day is fine. And I would definitely go for the banana’s.

4 Quinoa
The most healthy seed on the world, quinoa. Quinoa is great to eat for lunch or diner. The seeds are low in fat and calories and high in protein and fibers. The protein gives you a full feeling. You can eat quinoa in all different ways and it is very simple to prepare. More and more supermarket sell quinoa. This superfood, will be your best friend!


5 Green vegetables
Vegetables are good, but green vegetables are the best. Vegetables are great as a snack, in a salad or for diner. But you can also use vegetables in smoothies. Vegetables are low in calories and fat and high in fibers. Vegetables are great food to loose some weight.

6 Sweet potatoes
Eating sweet potatoes is always a party for me. I love them! Sweet potatoes are a vegetable not a potatoe. They are a great source of all different vitamins and minerals. You can use the in a salad or bake them for diner. I love to make fries of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are simple to prepare and ones you’ve tried them you will eat them at least ones a week.

7 Nuts
Nuts are a healthy snack when you pick the unsalted ones. Almonds and walnuts are my favorites. Nuts are a great source of protein, fibers a good fats. You can eat nuts in the morning for breakfast with oats or eggs. But nuts are also a great snack it self in the afternoon when you are a bit hungry. The best nuts are almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and hazelnuts.


8 Water
Yes, start to love this one, water. Water will help you in your Fit Journey. Your body needs water to keep you fit and to give you energy. Don’t you like water? Add a bit of lemon or cucumber in your water. This will give water a fresh taste.

9 Spelt flour or buckwheat flour
Spelt flour or buckwheat flour are both great. When you find a recipe with spelt flour you can also use buckwheat flour. The taste is a bit different but they are both great! You can use them both to bake healthy snacks and healthy bread. A lot of people, including myself, love to eat bread. When you make your own bread it is healthy, delicious and so much fun. Spelt flour is easier to find and cheaper than buckwheat flour.

10 spices
Spices are great to give all your meals flavor. A lot of sauces contain sugar and e-numbers. Stop using the ready to eat sauces and use spices. You can buy them in the supermarket and most of them are cheap. My favorites are rosemary, cumin, chili pepper, red pepper, thyme and turmeric.

With love, from Dublin..

13 thoughts on “Top 10 products to start your Fit Journey

  1. I already do a lot of these, but I need to up the oats sweet potatoes. The funny thing is that I love both of them and they are easy to cook, but I never think of making them.

    1. It depends on how you use them but it has a bread/cake taste. You can make it taste sweet with something like banana’s or blue berries. (or of course sugar ;-)) But is is great to bake cookies or bread. Give it a try ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Okรฉ. Ik zie dat er nog megaveel producten zijn die ik aan mijn boodschappenlijstje kan toevoegen. Zelf ben ik vooral heel benieuwd naar quinoa en zoete aardappelen. Ik hoor hier zoveel goeds over.

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