The power of Healthy Snacks

healthy snackingNobody likes to be hungry. And there is no reason to be hungry, not even when you want to loose weight. When you’re hungry you have the need to snack. And we all know that you will take more than one piece of chocolate. That’s why healthy snacks are a great! Healthy snacks give you energy, take your hunger feeling away and it keeps your blood levels stable. This are the best snacks:

Fruit is a great snack. It tastes sweet but only contains fruit sugars which is good for your body. Fruit sugars are carbohydrates which benefit your body before or after a work out. You can find fruit sugars only in fruit, not in other products that contain sugar. 1 or 2 pieces fruit per day are a perfect snack to manage your blood sugar levels and your weight.

Smoothies are great! You can make smoothies with vegetables and/or fruit. If you like it you can add yogurt or milk but with only water it taste great as well. When you make smoothies with vegetables you eat a high amount of vegetables without even noticing. This will give you your daily vitamins, minerals and a full feeling. Great snack after a long day at work!

Vegetables with healthy dipping
Vegetables are a great snack. They are low in calories but contain a lot of minerals and vitamins. The fibers in vegetables help you manage your weight. Do you think vegetables are boring? Add some healthy dipping as hummus or cottage cheese. A bit of these healthy dipping make you vegetables taste even better. Take you vegetables and a small box of hummus with you to work. Great snack behind your desk.

Homemade popcorn
Homemade popcorn is healthy and very simple to make. Add only a bit salt to the popcorn and you can snacks without feeling guilty!

Nuts are a great snack as well. They contain protein, slow carbohydrates and give you a full feeling. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or cashew nuts are the best to snack. Take to unsalted nuts.

Do you have more time to prepare a snack or you like to bake? Try oat cookies, banana bread or healthy muffins. And follow my blog for daily inspiration!

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