Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day

breakfast2I love breakfast! I’m also hungry when I wake up and I don’t have problems with eating in the morning. (eating is never an issue for me). The great thing about breakfast is that you can make delicious meals. When you prefer your breakfast in the evening it feels like getting a present in the morning. Still a lot of people don’t have breakfast or eat breakfast really late in the morning. Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is why you should start everyday with a healthy breakfast.

Early morning blood sugar levels
When you wake up your blood sugar levels are low because you didn’t eat for over 8 hours. When your blood sugar levels are stable your don’t feel the need to snack. Breakfast will help you to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Breakfast gives your energy
When you eat the right food for breakfast you can boost your body for the day. The best food to start your day with are slow carbohydrates and proteins. Slow carbohydrates you find in oats (!) and protein in eggs or yogurt. Mix this with fruit and superfoods as cocoa powder and hemp seeds and you have enough energy to face the new day!

Breakfast helps you to manage your weight
Yes, a breakfast everyday keeps your fat away. When you eat in the morning you wake up your metabolism. This means that your body starts burning calories. It is important to eat your breakfast with in a hour when you wake up. When you eat slow carbohydrates and protein you will feel full and you have less need to snack. This will all benefit your weight.

Breakfast boosts your concentration
Hunger doesn’t help you focus. A good breakfast gives your energy but also helps you to concentrate. After a breakfast you will be more productive and you will have more energy to face the day.

No time for breakfast in the morning?
You don’t have time for breakfast in the morning? Make your breakfast in the evening and take it with you when you go to work. But the best thing to do is, waking up a bit earlier. I know, it sounds difficult but you will experience the benefit of it during the whole day.

Do you eat breakfast everyday?

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