Muscle soreness, what to do?

muscle sourenessYou are doing your work outs, you eat healthy and there it is: Muscle soreness! Muscle soreness can be very demotivating and more important, painful. Muscle soreness starts most of the time a day after your work out. Very often you get muscle soreness after a work out which is new or more intensive than you’re used to do. Your muscles feel stiff and painful when you walk or lift something. What is the best thing to do?

Keep on moving
Maybe it hurts but try to walk a bit. If you don’t use your muscles it takes longer for them to recover. Try to activate your blood flow. This will benefit the recovery of your muscles. Take a hot shower or heat your muscles hotpacks. Heat helps to recover your muscles and it facilitates the pain. Rest is also important to recover from muscle soreness. Skip your work out of 2-3 days until you feel better. If you have extreme muscle soreness you can take a light painkiller.

muscle sorenessPrevent muscle soreness before your work out
Prevent yourself for muscle soreness, this will save you pain and you can continue your work out schedule. Hydrate yourself before you start your work out. You have to drink water during your training as well. Eat enough protein, carbohydrates and fats before your work out. Your body needs this for energy during your work out and to recover after your work out. Do a good warm up. A warm up prevents muscle soreness but also injuries.

Prevent muscles soreness after your work
A cold shower after your work out prevents muscles soreness. But when you find a cold shower to cold you can also take vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 lowers the lactic acid production. Lactic acid leads to muscle soreness. Food that contains vitamin B5 are chicken, milk, banana’s, nuts and eggs.

Enjoy your work out without muscle soreness!

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