Do you eat enough eggs? Yes, eggs are healthy!

eggs2A lot of people have doubts are eggs. They think eggs make you fat and eating eggs everyday is not healthy. Don’t worry, eggs are healthy and they don’t make you fat. A cooked egg contains only 75 calories! When you work out you can eat two eggs per day without any problems. So just enjoy your salads and meals with eggs and maybe you should eat an egg more often.

Eggs are a great source of protein
To gain muscles your body needs protein. Eggs are a great source of protein, a egg contains 6 grams of protein. The protein in eggs is biological and of really good quality. Your body digests these protein really simple and this benefits the growth of your muscles and the energy in your muscles. Eggs contain other vitamins and minerals as iron, folic acid, vitamin B2, B12, E and D. This benefits your whole body including your skin, your hear and nails.

Cholesterol levels
People often think that eggs are bad for your cholesterol levels. This is not completely true. You can eat up to 300mg of cholesterol per day. Cholesterol are saturated fats. If you eat a egg or two per day you are fine. Only if you eat other products that contain saturated fats as well, you reach a high amount cholesterol. Other food that contains saturated fats are meat, cheese and butter. The white part of the eggs doesn’t contain cholesterol. So if you plan to eat eggs and a lot of other high saturated fats your can split the eggs and only eat the white part.

Eggs are famous because of salmonella. When you eat a raw or not finished egg you can get sick. This doesn’t mean that you always get sick when you eat a not finished egg. When you do get sick you have to drink a lot and take some rest. Most of the times you will feel better in a few days. If not you should visit a doctor. It is good to always check your eggs before you eat them. Do you see something strange or you are not sure about your egg? Don’t eat it and make another one.

Manage your weight with eggs
Eggs give you a full feeling. This is because of the protein in eggs. When you start with an egg in the morning you have enough energy until lunch. I eat eggs in the morning and I definitely feel the difference. Eggs will help you not to snack because of the full feeling and this benefits you weight.

Eggs are cheap and you can use them for all different recipes. I use eggs to bake bread, or for a delicious breakfast. But eggs are also great to use for diner. Eggs are great for almost everybody. I can’t image living a life without eggs.

With love, from Dublin

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