The benefits of cinnamon

cinnamonCinnamon is a great spice for cooking and baking. I use cinnamon everyday in my breakfast. It taste sweet and it smells delicious when you use it in banana bread or a mugcake.  Cinnamon doesn’t only taste good, it also has a lot of healthy benefits. Reasons enough to enjoy cinnamon everyday!

What is cinnamon
Cinnamon is made of bark from a cinnamon tree. Cinnamon trees love the sun and that why they grow in warm climate countries. Before the bark becomes cinnamon as we know it, the bark needs to dry. When the bark dries it rolls up and becomes the famous cinnamon stick.

There are 2 different sort of cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. If you use cinnamon on a daily base it is good to use the Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon contains Cumarine which is not good for you body and health. When you buy cinnamon, always check it you pick Ceylon and not Cassia cinnamon.

Healthy benefits of cinnamon
Cinnamon has a long list of healthy benefits. The spice helps against a cold, nausea, menstruation pain and cold feet! Cinnamon warms up your body and it gives you body energy. Cinnamon combined with honey makes the benefits even stronger. When you want to use cinnamon as a “medicine” use it together with honey and you will feel and see the results.

Cinnamon helps you to manage your blood sugar levels. A lot of food we eat leads to a blood sugar spike. Your body makes insulin to manage your blood sugar levels. All the sugar that you body doesn’t need and saves for later turns in to body fat. Your body saves this sugar for a later moment. But we eat often enough, so we don’t need this extra energy. Cinnamon helps your body to manage your blood sugar levels without insulin. This means that your body doesn’t save the extra sugars as body fat. And this means that you don’t gain weight.

Cinnamon is great for people who work out. Cinnamon gives your muscles cells a high amount of anabolic protein this leads to a higher amount of glucose in the muscles. This high amount of glucose leads to more energy in the muscles. More energy helps you work out longer and more often.

Do you use this delicious spice?

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2 thoughts on “The benefits of cinnamon

  1. I really love cinnamon and can’t do without it. Not only for baking though! Its also delicious in Moroccan tagine dishes when it’s combined with other spices. I didn’t know about the two different kinds of cinnamon. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I add about a quarter tsp of cinnamon to my coffee, and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my muscle recovery lately. It’s also great for inflammation, so I up my intake near and around my menstrual cycle and it works wonders!

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