Why I love a fit and healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyleSome people think it is hard and challenging to eat healthy and to work out. They say; it takes a lot of time, it is expensive and it costs a lot of energy. I love the way I live my life at the moment. Eating healthy and clean is not a sanction, it is a pleasure. This is why I love a fit and healthy lifestyle:

I eat when I’m hungry
Let’s make something clear, I’m not on a diet. I eat when I’m hunger and I’m not focused on loosing weight. I eat every morning, afternoon and evening and I eat a lot. I eat snacks during the day and I eat them without any guilt. I eat food that feeds my body. This means that I’m not hungry after a meal because of the food that gives me a full feeling.

I eat delicious food
My food is delicious, not because I’m a good cook but because all the ingredients are fresh. I never eat ready meals from the supermarket. When you prepare your own food you will taste the difference. Breakfast is my favorite part of the day. I love to start with a mug cake or overnight oats. It feels like eating cake for breakfast!

I have a lot of energy
I (almost) never fall a sleep on the couch and I wake up early in the morning feeling fit. The combination of eating healthy and working out gives me a lot of energy. I burn fat and my muscles grow, this makes my body stronger. I’m never sick and I have energy to do a lot of things after a busy workday.

I stay in shape
Because of the different work outs my body gets stronger. I work out for a strong body, not a skinny body. Summer or winter, my body is bikini ready. It feels good that I still fit in the clothes that I bought 5 years ago.

I love the food that I eat and I enjoy working out. A strong body makes me happy. So for my living a fit and healthy lifestyle is not a diet, it is the way I love to live!

With love, from Dublin..

10 thoughts on “Why I love a fit and healthy lifestyle

  1. Agreed! Since October 2013 I’ve been eating and living healthy. 23kg lost and I have never felt better! A healthy lifestyle is amazing. Couldn’t agree more with this post.

  2. Ik denk dat velen het in het begin een straf vinden, maar later merk je dat dit gewoon dé manier van leven is en je er echt gelukkiger van wordt, zolang je je er maar niet te hard op gaat focussen!

  3. Absoluut waar. Mensen doen vaak alsof gezond eten een straf is, maar dat vind ik helemaal niet. Ik eet alleen maar lekkere dingen en vooral verse en pure dingen zonder een ingrediëntenlijst van 20 ingrediënten. En af en toe iets eten dat wat minder gezond is, omdat ik dat gewoon heel lekker vind, zorgt er juist voor dat ik deze levensstijl volhoud 🙂

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