Running loves water

drinkwater1Nothing taste better than a glass of water after a long and intensive run. But one glass of water is not enough. You have to hydrate your body after every run. After a one hour run you already lost 1 litre of moisture. It is impossible to drink 1 litre of water immediately after your run. It is ok to drink the water in the hours after the run but you have to be sure that you drink them!

Your moisture loss is influenced by the weather conditions. (High temperatures result is high moisture loss) This means that you have to drink more during spring and summer. Your clothes can also influence your moisture loss. This is why breathable running clothes are important. If your running clothes are not breathable you can have the same moisture loss in the winter as during a hot summer day.

Sweating means losing vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You need those minerals for your muscles. Sodium is the most important one for your muscles. If your muscles don’t get enough sodium you get cramp. Unfortunately stretching doesn’t help you against this cramp. It is very painful and you need to drink a lot of water and sport drinks to get your sodium level stable. Specially when you run long distances it is good to drink water during your run as well.

When you finished a intensive run and you want to check if you had enough water you have to check your urine. Your urine needs to be light yellow or white.

Do you drink enough water after your run?

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