Hemp seed is a superfood, but why?

Hemp seed is a popular superfood. The seeds have a nutty taste and a healthy fans use the hemp seeds in smoothies, breakfasts or salads. As every other superfood, hemp seeds have a long list of benefits. I use hemp seeds in my breakfast or in my rice diners. Have you never heard of hemp seed or you want to know more about these healthy seeds? This is what you need to know about hemp seeds:

hemp seedsHemp seeds are a good source for minerals, vitamins and nutrients
Hemp seeds contain magnesium, calcium, potassium, sink, iron and copper. The seeds contain all the essential amino acids and are a good source for fibers and protein. This long list makes hemp seeds on of the most powerful superfoods for your immune system.
The seeds are gluten free an can also be used for milk. Hemp milk has a delicious nutty taste and is a great option for people with lactose intolerance.
The fibers in hemp seed benefit your digestion which helps you manage your weight. Because of the high amount of fibers the seeds absorb water. This means that you have to drink water after you eat hemp seeds.

Hemp seeds are good for vegetarians and people who work out
Hemp seeds contain vegetable protein and almost all seeds are biological. Your body can absorb these vegetable protein very good and simple. This makes hemp seeds very popular food for vegetarians and people with allergies. The seeds stabilize the blood sugar levels and the omega 3 that hemp seeds contain benefit muscle recovery and decrease ignitions.

Hemp oil
If you don’t like the seeds or you want to use oil instead of seeds you can by hemp oil. Hemp oil has the same nutty taste and the same benefits as hemp seeds. I prefer the hemp seeds because I like them in my breakfast but you can use the oil for salads or smoothies. You can pick what you prefer!

Do you eat hemp seeds and what do you think of them?

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  1. Hemp seeds are such a good source of protein and EFA’s like Omega 6 and Omega 3. Hemp seed food products are fun and easy to cook with. I haven’t met a kid or parent who didn’t like the nutty flavor of hemp. Thank you for teaching people about the many benefits of industrial hemp seeds.

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