20 days without sugar and extra work out

WendyvanGilst20 days without sugar and still going strong! It feels good to eat clean. Last weekend I went out for diner with my family. My sister found this amazing place called Waanzinnig ( in English amazing). A biological restaurant with only clean and real food. After a nice diner we asked for the check. We received the check together with candy (full of sugar and e-numbers). I was surprised, it just didn’t feel right to eat sugar and e-number after a clean meal. This is what I feel everyday. I don’t want to waste a healthy day with sugar. After 20 days I’m thinking of one more month of this challenges, until now it is simple and feels great!

My challenge at the moment is eating enough. I start with a healthy breakfast; Mug cake or overnight oats. My lunch is simple but healthy, the left over of last night diner or salad with tuna, eggs and vegetables. I make my own snacks and take them with me to work. After work I drink a vegetable smoothie and cook a healthy diner. It feels like I’m eating a lot but I’m not reaching the amount of calories, proteins etc as I should. I’m still looking for the right food at the right time.

WendyvanGilst2I also changed my work out plan for the week a bit. I bought a yoga mat to train at home and I love it! I still run 3 times a week, I go to the gym 2 times a week and the other days I train at home. The work out at home is only 30 minutes but I can already feel the difference when I’m running. I feel that my legs are stronger and I have more energy. This is great because of my half marathon in March.

So far I’m happy with the results of my challenge. I sleep better, have more energy and I feel fit! I’m seriously thinking of an extra month without sugar. I don’t miss the sugar. Are you also challenging yourself? And what are your results? I keep you updated!

With love, from Dublin..

8 thoughts on “20 days without sugar and extra work out

  1. Eating clean feels so good! Just a suggestion, if your gonna go another month without sugar you might want to get some glucose tablets to pop in just in case your blood sugar drops (i used to compete in fitness competitions and we used to take them if we went too long without sugar). Hope this helps and good luck your looking great!

  2. Did you completely cut all sugars out? I want to try this out. I spin 4 times a week and do “8 min buns” and “8 min abs” I just got in this routine a month ago and i’m down 16 pounds. Do you have any reccomendations on how i can approach this no sugar challenge and how long are you doing it for? Thanks for sharing, very motivational.

    1. Yes, no sugar. But I do eat fruit. For it works really good to make my own snacks. I use cocoa powder or cinnamon to have a sweet taste. I do this for one month but I’m thinking of one more month 🙂 Let me know what you plan is. Maybe I can help you!

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