Worst places to eat

healthy snackI’m not talking about going to Mac Donald’s or another bad fast food restaurant. I’m talking about the worst places to eat during your day. It is very important to be aware of what you eat. This means that you have to give yourself the time to eat and to see what you eat. When you are aware of the fact that you are eating your brain will notice this and they will tell your body when you had enough. When you eat without thinking it goes the other way around, your brain doesn’t tell your body that you had enough. And that results in big meals and a lot of snacks. This are the worst place to eat:

In your car
A very bad place to eat is in your car. You are focused on the road and you eat your sandwich without noticing. Buying your food at a petrol kiosk is even worse. It is impossible to buy healthy and fresh food at a petrol kiosk. So keep your car clean and stay in shape by eating outside the car. Give yourself at least a 15 minute break to eat a healthy lunch.

When you stand in the kitchen
I’m guilty to this one as well. You stand in the kitchen, cooking a meal or just because your hungry. All the food is close by. Not only the good food but also the bad food. It is very tempting to take a cookie or two, followed by a cracker and a piece of cheese. Best thing to do? Pick the food you want to eat and place it on a plate. Eat your food outside the kitchen. It really helps.

At your desk
Your are busy, extremely busy. You don’t have time for lunch so you eat something quick at your desk. You will not only have a dirty desk when you eat at your desk, you will also eat to much. Again when you are focused on your work  at you eat your brain will not inform your body, that you had enough. Leave your desk for 15 minutes to eat something. This will make you more productive and it will give you more energy.

In your bed
I don’t like to eat in bed but I know a lot of people do. It makes your bed dirty and again it is really hard to focus on your food. Get yourself out of your bed and make a nice breakfast or lunch. You will feel fit and ready to start the day.

Were do you eat your meals?

With love, from Dublin..

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