Breakfast tip: Overnight oats

overnight oatsBreakfast is to most important meal of the day. I’m always hunger when I wake up and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Oats are great to start your day with. After this breakfast you won’t be hungry until you lunch. You have to prepare this breakfast in the evening, so no stress when you start your morning! This is what you need for 2 glasses:

– 70 grams oats
– 60 grams of raisins
– 2 tea spoons cinnamon
– 300 ml of Almond milk
– Your favorite fresh fruit (I used blue berries)

Divide the oats and raisins on to 2 glasses. Mix everything with a spoon and add the Almond milk. Mix everything again and add 50 ml water. Mix everything and put the 2 glasses in the fridge. Go to bed! When you wake up the next morning you add your favorite fruit and your breakfast is ready.

With love, from Dublin..

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          1. Het smaakte prima. Met spelt en roggevlokken heb je meer bite maar ze nemen het vocht minder op. Volgende keer doe ik het half-om-half met de oats.

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