Are banana's healthy? Yes they are!

bananaLife without banana’s? Impossible for me. I use banana’s for breakfast, snacks and smoothie. Banana’s make a meal or snack taste sweet and tasteful. Banana’s give you a full feeling. They are definitely one of my favorite fruits!

Banana’s protect you against high blood-pressure.
Banana’s are a rich source of potassium. Potassium benefits a low blood-pressure. One banana gives you 16% of your daily need of potassium.

Banana’s benefit the cooperation between muscles and nerves
Your muscles and nerves need to work together. You need B6 for this cooperation. Banana’s are a good source for B6. One banana contains 36% of your daily need of B6.

Banana’s helps against hangovers
When you wake up with a hangover a banana can be your best friend. A banana helps you get over your hangover. The B6 and potassium help you feeling fit again.

Banana’s give an energy boost
The natural sugar in banana’s give your body energy. Banana’s contain fast sugar, the fast sugar is easy for your body to digest. It gives you a quick energy boost. Banana’s also contain slow sugar. This sugar needs more time to digest and give you energy for a long period. This means banana’s are great food to eat before a work out.

Banana’s contain fibers
Banana’s give you a full feeling. This is because of the fibers in banana’s. Fibers are good for your intestinal flora. The fibers also help you to manage your weight.

I eat a banana everyday. Reason enough to enjoy this delicious fruit everyday! What do you think of banana’s?

With love, from Dublin..

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