Looking for a good work out? Try a Spinning Class

spinning1It is good to do different work outs. If you run and go the the gym you have a good balance between condition and strength training. But still you can get bored. To keep working out fun and to motivate yourself it is good to do a different work out ones a week. So why don’t you try a spinning class?

Why spinning?
Spinning is a great work out to burn some calories and to relieve stress. At my gym they give spinning classes in neon light which is great. When the class starts the lights switch off and the music starts. The neon lights switch on and immediately you feel the spinning vibe. Because of the music and the intensive training you forget everything. A spinning class can be hard, but your mind gets rest. After a spinning class you feel tried but relaxed.

Burn calories
A spinning class can be very intensive. You can make it as tough as you like. With a 45 minute class you burn around 500 calories. This is a lot in 45 minutes.

Muscle tone
A spinning class is the perfect way to tone your muscle. Aldo you ride a bike you work not only your legs but also you core body. My spinning instructor always says, “let ride for a 6 pack”. Because of the different excises you do during a spinning class you benefit your condition and muscle growth.

Low impact exercise for you knees
Spinning is a low impact exercise, which means that is has a low impact on your knees and joints. This is why everybody can join a spinning class!

A spinning class is extremely motivating. You spin in a group which is great. The loud music makes you forget everything. Spinning trainers are very motivated and take you with them on the spinning journey. I do a spinning training ones a week and I’m always looking forward to it. I love the feeling of work out in loud music and being tried but satisfied after 45 minutes.

Do you do spinning classes?

With love, from Dublin

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