10 km run part 3: What not to eat before a run

runningfoodAre you still running? And do you like it? In one of my blog I mentioned that you have to eat something before you go for a run which is more than 30 minutes. But, don’t eat to much. And watch out, there is some food that you shouldn’t be eating before you go for a run.

Food with sugar
Sugar is not good for you. Especially when you go for a run. A lot of people think they need sugar for energy. But sugar gives you a short spike of energy and after the spike your energy level drops immediately. This means you have energy when you start but during the run you feel your energy level dropping. And a low energy level means a shorter run.

Nuts, fruit or vegetables
This food is great for people who work out. But if you eat to much nuts, fruit or vegetables before a run you feel the high amount of fibers. Fibers benefit your digestion, which is good, but not when you are out for a run. Vegetables as kale, cauliflower and beetroot are the worst.

Dairy is hard to digest for your body. When you go for a run after you eat dairy you will feel your stomach. Dairy also lowers the absorption of carbohydrates which lead to a lower energy level. One pieces of cheese won’t give you problems but don’t eat to much.

Fat food
Not a surprise, fat food before a run doesn’t benefit you. The fat makes your body bloating and slow. Fat is hard for your body to digest and doesn’t give you as much energy as protein and carbohydrates.

Wait at least 30 minutes after your meal before you go for a run. When you go for a run direct after your meal your stomach will be the biggest energy source for your body. This means that all your blood will go to your stomach and this results in pain. When you wait for 30 minutes you give your body the time to spread the energy in your body. Your stomach won’t be the biggest energy source anymore and this lowers the change of stomach pain.

What do you eat before you go for a run?

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