Fit Friday Motivation

Do you need motivation to get your dream body? From now on every Friday is Fit Friday Motivation day. So when you have a hard time during the weekend to motivate yourself take a look at those quotes, they will definitely motivate you!

Make the decision:

Summer bodies are made in the Winter. Set a beach body as goal this winter and reach your goal in the Summer. A beach body takes time. Work for it this Winter!


Have a healthy lifestyle not a healthy week:

Fit and healthy is the most beautiful you can get. Being fit is not about a skinny body for the Summer. Being fit is about having energy, look good during the whole year and feel amazing, even when it is cool and rainy.


No excuses, just work out:

Finding an excuse is simple but every time you find an excuse you are one day further a way from your dream body. No excuses, just work out.


Do something you like and what feels good:

Find a work out you like. You can work out in a group or alone, indoor or outdoor. There are enough sports and work outs to find the one you really like. If you like what you do, you will be more motivated than when you don’t like your work out.


Think positive, everything you do benefits your health, a short work out or skipping a cookie:

Focus on the goals you already achieved. Is you goal running 10 km? Be happy when you can run 5 km without stopping, that’s the first step and you are almost there!


And remember..

A good work out makes you sweaty, tried and smelly. That’s part of the game when you want to look amazing after your shower.


Enjoy your work out!

With love, from Dublin..

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