7 mistakes new runners often make

runner2You decided to start running in 2015. You have the ambition to run 10 km. So you dress up like a real runner and you just go. Watch out for these 7 mistakes new runners often make!

1 You use your old sneakers
Yes, I’ve blogged about this before but I see it very often, people wearing their old tennis shoes or sneakers. You want to read more about what to wear? Click here. This doesn’t work, so don’t do it. When you run on the wrong shoes you have a chance to get an injury and your running carrier will be over.

2 You expect to much of yourself
It looks so easy when you see people running. But when you start I feels a bit harder. Don’t expect yourself to run far or fast in a week. Give yourself the time to build it up. Enjoy the feeling when it feels simple and good. Give yourself the time and you will run 10 km without any problems.

3 You do to often the same

Running the same round in the same time on the same days is boring. But it is also bad for your body. You need to have variation in your training. Mix your training with an interval training, try an other round or go for a morning run instead of an evening run. It is good for your body and good for your mind.

4 You have a wrong running technique
Everybody can run. The difference between a runner and a good runner is the running technique. You running technique helps you running long distance and protects you against injuries. When you run you have to straighten your back and use your arm for more energy. Are you interested in learning more about this? Join a local runners club for a few months and you will feel the difference.

5 You eat to less when you go for a run
If you go for a short run it is fine to eat nothing before you go. But a run longer than 30 minutes needs energy. Eat something 30 minutes before you go for a run. What you eat needs to be small otherwise you will feel your stomach when you’re running.

6 You don’t do a warning up and a cooling down
Ok, I’m honest, I’m skipping the warm up and the cooling down too often. But I it is really important for your muscle. Your muscles recover better after a cooling down and you lower the change of injury with a warming up. When you start with running, start good, do a warming up and a cooling down.

7 You don’t run enough
You need to run to become a better runner. A lot of new runners have problems with running every week. They run 3 times a week and than they don’t run of a week. If you stop running for a week you have to start again at the beginning. During a busy week try to run at least twice a week so you don’t have to start over and over again.

Soon I will update you on what to eat when you run, for now, keep on running!

With love, from Dublin..

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