January challenge update 1: First 7 days without sugar

challengesLast Christmas I decided that I wanted to challenge myself in January. One month without sugar, only healthy food and focus on abs. Today is the 7th of January, that means, 7 days without sugar. I did it! During the 7 days I felt my need for sugar changing. Specially after Christmas and the holidays your body is used to sugar. And the more sugar you eat, the more your body wants. Yes, you can get addicted to sugar! The first 2 days were the hardest ones, but the feeling of not eating sugar was harder. After two days I felt that the need for sugar became less. And still today I feel a difference against yesterday.

I like to eat something with my tea. I was used to take dark chocolate, but dark chocolate contains sugar so it’s a no go! That’s why I make healthy snacks like banana bread and oat cookies. When you eat them it feels like your eating sugar which you don’t. I feel that I have more energy. I wake up more easy and I don’t fall a sleep during a movie. Food without sugar makes me fitter.

To measure my meals and to see if I’m eating the right products I use the appp MyFitnessPall and my new favorite gadget: The Jawbone up24. I will write a review of the Jawbone up24 soon but I can tell you, it motivates you definitely! The app MyFitnessPall is also very motivating and works simple and good. You give in everything you eat, you can even scan products. The app shows how your are doing with fat, protein and carbohydrates. You can set goals in the app as well. I’m focused on protein for my abs, so I can see if I’m reaching my goal of eat enough protein. MyFitnessPall motivates me to eat clean. I don’t like red figures so I don’t eat bad food.

I changed the way that I work out a bit. Instead of running 5 times a week I run 3 times a week now. I go to the gym twice a week and I train my abs at home. I don’t see my body changing yet, but a week is really short to see results. I’m fit and I’m feeling good and that motivates me to keep on eating healthy without sugar and to work out.

Next update in 7 days!

With love, from Dublin..

8 thoughts on “January challenge update 1: First 7 days without sugar

  1. Wauw, wat knap dat je je zo goed aan je nieuwe regime houd. Zeker dat 3x per week hardlopen doe ik je écht niet na. Wel handig dat je zo’n Jawbone hebt, dat lijkt mij ook megafijn.

      1. Sort of… It is a tough challenge since I used to eat grain at every single meal! I am weaning my way off of grain easily (only eating small amounts for one meal – usually dinner). Hopefully I can be completely free of grain by the end of the month!

      2. Hoi,
        Ik las je bericht, leuk… je kunt je ook af vragen waarom je lichaam zo verlangt naar suiker. Je schrijft dat je nog geen verschil ziet na 7 dagen nu je gezonder eet en minder suikers toevoegt in bepaalde producten. Je sport schema aanpassen dat is een goede zet geweest omdat je veel rent dus veel cardio betekent ook dat je veel ckal verbrandt. Dus ook een hogere ckal iname … ik kan je daar nog wel meer over vertellen hoor. Als je echt een body change wil moet je voeding ook op orde zijn. Je volgt mij al… dat is top misschien handig eens een bmnr berekening laten maken zodat je weet hoeveel koolhydraten/vetten en eiwitten jij nodig hebt. Dat geeft je een richt lijn op voedingsgebied.

        Gr. Rajani http://www.helathyrituals.info

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