After diner dip? Not when you eat healthy food

no junkfoodI love to eat healthy food. It is delicious, it looks like real food and it is fresh. You can make all sort of meals with healthy food. But there are more benefits of eating fresh and healthy food.

Healthy and fresh food makes you look beautiful
Healthy and fresh food makes you skin shine, it makes your hair grow faster and it makes you nails stronger. Just a few examples of what healthy food does to make you look beautiful. The reason is, healthy and fresh food is high in vitamins, nutrients and minerals. This benefits all part of you body and makes you shine!

You are not hungry again after a healthy meal
Almost everybody knows the feeling, you eat at McDonald’s and after a hour you are hunger again. This is because of the high amount of E-number in junk food and fast food. The E-number E621 is the most used E-number worldwide and one of the side effects is making hungry to sell more. (really is is marketing!) Fresh and healthy food doesn’t include E-numbers. This means that you’re not hungry after a meal. You brain doesn’t ask for more food.

You don’t fall a sleep after a healthy and fresh meal
The after diner dip. You just had lunch, your back at your desk and you don’t have energy at all. Or after diner when you sit on the couch and you fall a sleep after 10 minutes. There are 3 reasons why you have these after diner dips. You eat to much refined carbohydrates, refined sugars or trans fat. This raises your blood sugar levels extremely. You have a short spike of energy and after the spike your energy level drops and you feel tried. Healthy and fresh food doesn’t give you a after diner dip. When you eat healthy food you give your body the right energy. You will feel fit hours after your lunch or diner.

Healthy and fresh food helps you manage your weight
Yes, we all know that we have to eat healthy to stay in shape. But the benefit of eating healthy is that some fresh vegetables even burn more calories than they contain. A good example is a cucumber. When you eat a part of cucumber you burn more calories than when you don’t eat this cucumber. This means that you can eat specific vegetables and lose weight!

Are you still having after diner dips or are you fit after your lunch?

With love, from Dublin..

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