When I think about running..

Running gives me a special feeling. It’s a feeling I can’t describe to people who don’t run. Running can become and addiction, specially the runner’s high. That feeling is amazing. When I think about running I think about..

– The feeling in my legs the first kilometer
– My mind telling me that my planning is maybe to far during this first kilometer
– Fresh air filling my lungsrunning3
– My body warming up
– Seeing other people run
– Enjoying the moment when the sun comes up
– Hating the wind
– Loving the wind when I running back and it feels like I’m flying
– The sun burning on my skin
– Long distance runs
– Early morning runs
– Getting in trouble with cars because they stop, or not
– Loving a bit of rain
– Hating a lot of rain and wet feet
– My hair in my face
– Wearing to much clothes
– Or feeling cold
– The moment when you feel the runner’s high coming
– Running with a runner’s high for kilometers
– Feeling the energy in my body
– Never stop on half kilometers only on round figures 10 km, 11 km etc.
– Always running a bit more than planned
– Always want to go farther
– Old people complimenting me
– The feeling of turning around and running home
– The moment when you know that you started the last kilometer
– Seeing home
– Stop running
– Thinking that you just did it (again)

What I’m thinking now? Yes, I love running!

With love from Dublin..

4 thoughts on “When I think about running..

  1. Ik ken het wel van toen ik nog echt bijna elke dag ging rennen, toen ik nog in Nederland woonde. Ik hoop weer hetzelfde gevoel te krijgen nu ik weer ben begonnen met rennen!

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