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meI’ve been running for over 8 years now. Running is part of my life. I trained at a Dutch Athletics club: ACW Waalwijk, I ran in competitions, ran hundreds of  kilometers with my running buddies Lianne and later Sanne. Even my relationship with my boyfriend, Jean Paul started because of running (well part of it). And we still run together in all different seasons, snow, sun, on all different locations. Running makes me happy! But I decided that it is time for abs. Running keeps you fit and in shape but for the real abs you have to use weights and work out at in the gym. That’s why I decided to change my weekly work out and food a bit, just to get those beautiful abs. Running is still part of my daily work out but not 5 times a week anymore. So hello gym shoes!

This is my weekly work out diary:

Monday Walking to work and back, 40 minutes walk. No training today. I do this on Monday so my body can recover from the training I did during the weekend.

Tuesday Early morning run. I get up at 6.00am and go for a 10km run at 6.15. After the run I take a shower and walk to work and back. 40 minutes walk.

Wednesday Gym day! I go to the gym in the evening. So first I walk to work and back. At the gym I start with a 5 min cardio training to warm up. After this I work out with a kettlebell, I do squats, planking and do abs exercises. This all takes around 40 minutes. I end again with cardio for 10 minutes.

Thursday Again an early 10 km run at 6.15 am. After the run I walk to work and back.

Friday Walk again to work and back, no training today.

Saturday Gym day again. I do a 45 minute spinning class. After this I do abs exercises, train with the kettlebell and pick some other work outs that I like. This takes around 30 minutes.

Sunday Sunday is the day for a long distance run! I run at least 16 km and since I start training for the 1/2 marathon in March I want to push this to 20 km at least.

To get abs I have to do more abs exercises. This week I will start doing some exercises at home aswell. If I’m not seeing enough results I will switch one running training for a gym work out.

I would love to hear about your training week. What do you do?

With love, from Dublin

10 thoughts on “My work out diary

  1. Oh hemel, mijn hardloopschema voor dummies is hier niets bij! Even een vraagje, eet je voordat je om 615 gaat rennen? Dat vraag ik me altijd af, want ik kan niet rennen vlak na eten, maar zonder eten (OK, normaal ren ik overdag) ga ik echt van mijn eigen. (Ijzertekort, dus ik val helaas snel flauw)

  2. I have been wanting to have an abs too, for the longest time! I’ve been going to the gym for like two months now but in no way getting close to my dream abs. Maybe I should just follow your routine to see results. Thanks for sharing and wish me luck!

  3. Mooie workoutdiary hoor! Ik heb twee jaar terug ook een tijdje ‘s ochtends gelopen, toen ik dicht bij huis werkte en dat deed me wel veel deugd! Nu moet ik een halfuur rijden naar het werk én vroeger starten, dus lopen wordt meestal verplaatst naar ‘s avonds (en zo ook vaker uitgesteld 🙁 )

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