10 km run part 2: Start running

Do you have the right clothes and shoes to go for a run? If not, read more about running clothes and shoes here. If yes, let start! Give yourself the time to become a good runner. It is impossible to run 10 km after 2 weeks. If you built it up you will be more stable when you run. Your body needs to get used to the running. This is not a plan around running times and days, this is different for everybody. This will help you keep on running and become a good runner.


Run 3 times a week
In general it is good to run 3 times a week. This will help your body to remember the runs and to get used to the running. If you do other sports as well you can start with 2 times a week. Your body will let you know if you sport to much. If you only run 3 times per week is good. Plan your week with a rest day after a running day. This will help your body to recover.

Plan your running days
Pick 3 days in the week that you want to run. Ideal is 2 days during the week and 1 day in the weekend. Keep your agenda free for your running moments and try not to switch the days. If you go for a run on the same days every week you get used to it. If you don’t plan you days it is easy to skip a training.

Find a running buddy
Find somebody with the same running plans. Running together is more fun and you can motivate each other. And when it is rainy or very windy you can motivate each other to go. When you run alone it is tempting to stay home.

Don’t run to hard
The biggest mistake people make is to run to hard. Run on a tempo that feels good. Sprinting is to hard and is only necessary when you do a interval training. Start with jogging and build you tempo up. It is better to run 30 minutes in a lower tempo than 10 minutes really fast.


Start with 1 km, end with 10 km
Start with 1 kilometer. Do this of a week or two. If this feels good go for 2 km. Take you time and do this for 2 weeks. Let your body get used to the running. Continue this until you reach the 10 km. Do you struggle around 5 km? Give yourself a bit more time. Remember, it is better to build op the kilometer slow and get used to it than run 10 km after 3 weeks. Runner who build up slow are fitter, stronger and have more motivation to go for a run.

Love the weather
Rain, snow, wind or sun. Don’t see the weather as an excuse to skip a training. See the weather as an experience. Running in extreme weather makes you feel strong and when your finished you will be proud and feel amazing. Run with your running body in the rain and laugh about. Beginning negative and complain about it doesn’t bring you the 10 km!

Have you already start running? Let me know what you think.

With love, from Dublin..

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