Healthy food everyday? Make an eat plan!

healthy foodI love to try new recipes. I prefer to eat something new every evening. And I’m always looking for new healthy snack. Eating healthy is normal for me, it doesn’t cost me extra energy. Do you find it hard to cook a healthy diner after a long day at work? Or do you miss inspiration for a healthy meal? These tips will help you to eat 6 days a week healthy and good. And at day 7 you can eat whatever you like because you healthy lifestyle needs to be fun, not a diet!

Plan your diners for a week
I always plan my diners for a week before I go to the supermarket. I search online for recipes and save the ones that I want to make in Pocket. Pocket is a great app to save blogs, articles and posts. It is a very simple app and you can use this app on you computer and mobile. I always pick 5 different recipes and I on day 6 I make soup with the left overs. All vegetables are are perfect for soup, some strange combinations taste delicious. You can do the same for you breakfast and lunch. Plan what you want to eat the coming 7 days.

Visit the supermarket ones a week
When you go to the supermarket after work, hungry, there is a chance that you will buy less healthy food. Try to plan your meals for the week and go to the supermarket after lunch or diner. Buy everything you need for a week. Shopping without hunger will help you pick more healthy products.

Check in the morning your plan
Check every morning before you go to work, you thing about what you will be eating that evening. Maybe you need to take something out of the fridge but it is also good to know what you chose for today. When you know what you will eat you don’t have to think about it and this means less temptations for not-healthy meals.

Speak with people about your lunch or diner
I always share my diner plans with my colleague’s. Maybe my colleague’s are all food lovers but I see that a lot of people have an interest in food. When you discuss your eating plan, you lower the change that you will skip your plan. By discussing lunch and diner you will also inspire each other with ideas. If your colleague’s aren’t interested in your food you can always share your plans with friends or family.

Start with cooking directly when you are home
When you arrive at home from your work it is very tempting to sit down and do nothing. But the longer you wait the harder it gets to start cooking. Start immediately when your home. This will also help you not to snack to much. When I have time left during the cooking I use this time to prepare lunch or breakfast for the next day. Sometimes you can use the oven for lunch and diner. Saves time!

Follow blogs, Instagram- and Pinterest accounts
Pictures help by finding good recipes. Blogs, Instagram and Pinterest are the best places to find inspiration. And the more healthy food you see the more you want to make it and eat it. This will help you to make healthy food part of you daily life.

Do you eat healthy everyday?

With love, from Dublin..

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