A healthy and fit 2015? Start today, not tomorrow!

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Only a few hours before New Year! A lot of people have good idea and plans for 2015. And with the coming evening it is simple to thing about what you want to change in 2015. Because those plans are for tomorrow, not for today. It is always simple to think about plans for tomorrow. But what when you wake up tomorrow morning and tomorrow is today? How do you stick to your plans and idea’s for 2015?

Make a plan
Make a plan for the coming week or month. It doesn’t matter what the time line is as long as you have a start date and goal. A goal can be a week or a month no sugar, 3 times per week to the gym or running 20 km in 2 weeks. Make sure that you can measure your goal. This will motivate you to keep on track.

Share your plan
Share your plan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure that there is no way back. When people know about your plan they can motivate you and support you. You can share before and after pictures, experiences during your “challenge” and ask for motivation and tips when you struggle a bit.

new year motivation

Join a group
Do you need motivation to do your work out? Join a group. When you sport with a group there is always somebody who can motivate you. You are never alone. It is good to discuss your experience with others. And it is nice to have others when your work out is hard but also when you see the first results!

Read blogs, follow fit people on Instagram
You can find a lot of motivation online. I love to read blogs from Runninglau, Girls love 2 Run and Healthyfans. These girls are all Dutch but I’m sure that every Country has is own fit girls! On Instagram you find a lot beautiful pictures of healthy diners and lunches. Most of these pictures include the recipe. Follow foodies and see that healthy food is fun and delicious. Do you use Facebook a lot? Follow Facebook pages with food tips and work out motivation tips. When you have lunch and see these post you get motivation to stick to your plan.

Enjoy tonight, start tomorrow
Have a great evening tonight, enjoy the food, the drinks and the people around you. Make the end of 2014 one to remember. And remember, start tomorrow. Tomorrow, today is yesterday. This means start today, hangover or not!

With love, from Dublin..

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