10 km run Part 1: What to wear

You made the decision, you want to start running. (or maybe you started more than 10 times but never made it). You’re dreaming of a 10 km run without any pain or other problems. Believe me, you can do that. When you do it right and you give your self a bit of time you will run 10 km this summer, I promise you! In the coming blogs I will help you with what to wear, when to run and how long, what to eat and how to motivate yourself. And be aware; running will become an addiction!runningstart

Let’s start with what to wear when you go for a run. With some good investments running isn’t expensive. You need a few good basic articles and then you are ready to go.

Running begins with the right shoes. Running shoes are expensive but they will make or break your running ambitions. When you run with the wrong shoes, old shoes or fitness shoes for example, you will feel your knees, shinbones and hips. When you run to often with the wrong shoes you will get a lot of pain and you will stop with running, nobody likes to run with pain.
You can buy good shoes in a sports shop or a running shop. If you buy running shoes for the first time ask for advise in the shop. A good sports or running shop will do some tests do get a better understanding of your feet and the why you run. If they don’t do a test go to another shop, your running shoes need to be perfect for you. You can use your new running shoes for a year so invest in good ones! Socks are as important as good shoes. Don’t save money on good socks, they will protect you against blisters.

Running in the winter is more expensive than running in the summer. In the summer you need a good sport bra or good underwear. A sport top and a sport shorts from any label are fine. I have the “official” running clothes and sports clothes from H&M, they both work for me.
In the winter you need to invest a bit more. Again you need good underwear. You also need a termo top. This will help you stay warm and it will absorb your sweat. If you sweat in a normal fabric top and you will get cold. Running tights will help you keep your legs warm. Buy a thicker one for the winter. Always try the tights in the shop to see if they fit perfect. When it is dry when you go for a run you can wear a running top over your termo top. Pick a shinny color so people see you when it is dark. Are your going for a run in the rain wear than a wind jacket over your termo top. This jacket keeps your warm and a bit dry. Again buy a shinny color.

Lights and reflection
You want people and the traffic to see you. A lot of running clothes have reflection on the sleeves, front or back. Reflection works really good if you have traffic during your running. Are you running in the evening or morning than always wear lights. There are all different sorts of lights, the ones to attach on your running jacket, lights to put on your shoes, ect. Buy the ones you like and never forget to wear them!

Outfits motivate you
Buy outfits that you like. When you like your running clothes, you like to wear them. This will motivate you to go for a run. A great benefit of running in the summer with a tank top is that you get a beautiful brown arms! So pick your running clothes wisely..

Are your already looking forward to start running?

With love, from Dublin..

6 thoughts on “10 km run Part 1: What to wear

  1. I used to go running with a mate, as I live about 250 metres from the sea, we always went running together on the beach. Then she moved and I never really kept running>< Changing that now though, starting with a running scheme on the 5th, when I'm back from Xmas hols^^
    Got the gear sorted though:-)

  2. I would prefer wearing some nice shoes, Nike is my choice as they are very comfortable, If you need proper cushioning Buy the Nike Air max those shoes are really awesome and also the fly knit from Nike rocks.

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