This is what I eat during the day, my food dairy

A lot of people say that I eat very often. And I think it is true, I’m always hungry. After a long run I can eat the whole day. At those moments I have to feed my body in stand of just eat whatever I like otherwise the hunger never stops. And I think that’s what makes the difference between eating a lot and eating a lot. This food dairy gives you and idea of my day. IMG_6313

Morning 6.00am:
2 slides of Banana bread and a glass of warm lemon water
After this a go for a 10km run. When I’m back I take a shower and walk 20 minutes to work.

Morning 10.00am:
1 apple and 2 oat cookies The oat in the cookies helps me to get more energy and thanks the hunger away.

Afternoon 12.00pm:
Lunch! A bowl of tomato soup and a salad with eggs, tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and kale. Tuna and eggs are the perfect food after a work out. The protein helps recovering your muscles. An other benefit of eggs and tuna is that you will feel full after your lunch. I can make my own salads at work but very often I eat the left over of my diner the night before. Fast and easy for everybody who can’t buy salads or other lunches at work.

Afternoon 15.30pm:
I really like the oat cookies so I take two more of them and I eat an apple. Hard fruit and vegetables have as benefit that they give you a full feeling. This because your body has to work when you eat them. hummus

Afternoon 17.30pm:
When I arrive at home, after a 20 minute walk, and I start with cooking I’m always hungry. No a bit hungry but extremely hungry. That’s why I take 4 quinoa/rice crackers with hummus and some nuts. (Almonds, Walnuts etc.)

Afternoon 18.30pm:
Diner time! I try a new recipe almost every evening. Some really good ones I make again but most of the time I’m trying new diners. One of my vegetables favorites at the moment are sweet potatoes. But this night I eat a quinoa salad with pumpkin, pomegranate, union, raisins and lemon juice. This recipe will be on my blog soon! It benefits your body when you eat different diners every night and it is fun to try new things!

Afternoon 20.00pm:
My bad habit but I can’t stop it. (I have to stop it from 1th of January for my challenges) A pieces of 85% cocoa dark chocolate. Dark chocolate isn’t that bad but for my challenges I want to see the results of a month of no sugar. After one month I will eat my delicious dark chocolate again every night!

During the day I only drink tea and water. I love all different tastes of tea, for me drinking tea is part of my day and I love it!

What do you eat during the day?

With love, from Dublin..

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