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fit motivationI never been a huge fan of the gym. To be honest, I always found it a bit boring. This was because I didn’t know what to do so I always did the same. Nowhere days I love the gym! I think it is a great place to work you whole body. A lot of different options for work outs. What changed my mind? I found great sources for gym work outs and this still motivates me to go to the gym and to do different work outs.

Of course, blogs. You are properly not surprised by hearing me saying this. But is it a great source for work out tips. A lot of fitness blogs have nice video’s and pictures that explain what to do and how to do it. This will inspire you to do new work outs. A great place to find these blogs and to follow them is Bloglovin. On Bloglovin you can follow you favorite blogs and see all the new updates. The great benefits is that, because of the change in your work out, you will see the results even faster. Also doing other work outs makes it more fun.

This one works for me, Instagram. Follow fit girls on Instagram and you get inspiration during the day. The great thing about Instagram is that you see nice fitness outfits, great bodies and work out tips. I like the combination. A new outfit can motivate you to go the gym more often. Fit bodies inspire you to do more exercises with weights. (weights help you growing those long, nice looking muscles). And the short instagram video’s are great examples of exercises. And seeing fit girls when you think about skipping the gym really works as a motivation, trust me!

People at the gym
Simple but it really works, looking at other people in the gym. When you are at the gym and you start with a warming up you have time enough to check other people. What kind of exercises do they do? How long do they do the exercises and how often? Personal trainers are the best sources. In my gym there are a lot of personal trainers advising people. By coping there exercises you know for sure that you are doing the right exercises. No personal trainers or fit people around you? You can always join a bootcamp class or crossfit class to find inspiration.

I just arrived in Dublin after a long day of delays at the airport in The Netherlands and for me there is no better way to relax than going to the gym. 45 minutes in the gym was enough to feel great and fit! What inspires you to go to the gym?

With love, from Dublin..

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