My January challenge: Abs are made in the kitchen

They say, If you are a sporter, like me, and you don’t eat the right food you will never get the “real” abs. Totally agree. I sport 5 times a week, 3-4 times I go for a run and 1-2 times per week do I go to the gym. I eat (alomost always) healthy and I have enough energy to do what ever I like to do. I’m a healthy “skinny” girl with nothing to complain about. Well, almost nothing. I’m very jealous at six pack girls. Girls with abs. I know these girls work out in the right way, eat the right food, focus on the right muscles en look incredible good!

January will be my month to become like thise six pack girls, I understand that it takes longer than a month but the fact that a have a low fat percentage means that I should see results after a month. This means for me, focus on food. Abs are made in the kitchen. Less carbohydrates and more protein. This is my plan:

Step 1 find the right ingredients for my breakfast, lunch and diner
Before the first of January I have to find inspiration about what to eat. My abs are made in the kitchen plan. When I’m finished with this plan I will share it on my blog.

Step 2 No alcohol
Not really a challenge for me but good to remember. Alcohol slows down the recovery of your muscles after a work out. Alcohol also includes a high percentage of sugar so reason enough to skip the alcohol for a few weeks.

Step 3 Sugar free
This is the most difficult one for me. I have to live sugar free. This means no dark chocolate after diner or a fruitbar in the afternoon. But I want to see results so let’s do this!

Step 4 Gym vs. running
I love to run so no running in January is not an option. I have to find the right balance between the gym and running. I will share this as well on my blog when my plan in finished.

Step 5 Work out at home
My abs will benefit from short intensive work outs. I can do this at home. Squats, sit ups, push ups, I can do them all at home. This will be a new way of sporting for me but I’m looking forward to try this.

Step 6 The right work out
And ofcourse, last but not least, I have to focus on the right work outs. I want to train my full body in a the best way for the best results. This means ready a lot of blogs and watching a YouTube video’s. Can’t wait to start!

Do you have tips for me, please let me know!

With love, from Dublin..

2 thoughts on “My January challenge: Abs are made in the kitchen

  1. I’m getting back on track after a sugar and friend filled holiday…LOL. Drastically reducing sugar again, might reduce it all the way, but I’m not sure yet. Reducing meat and will it pretty much vegetarian 4 days a week. I will restart my vote work out on Monday. I was so close to a six pack last year. Could not believe it was possible after 4 children ( 1 from a c-section )

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