Time for planking

Some work outs seem to take months before you see results, other give you results pretty quick. One of those great quick results ones is planking. Have you never heard of planking or have you never done it? This is how it works: you hold your body, the trunk portion, off the ground, making sure to hold it in a straight line. This means you lean on your elbows and feed. It may sound easy but believe me it is not. Start with a plank for 30 sec and repeat this 3 time and you will see planking is not simple or easy! But remember, you will have quick results. This are the benefits of planking:planking

Great belly
Planking is a great work out for you belly. You get a beautiful toned belly. This because planking helps you build your deep inner core muscles. These core muscles are the key for a six pack!

Reduce back pain
Do you sit the whole day and do you have problems with your back? Than planking is a great work out for you. Planking strengthen your core and back muscles and this benefits your upper and lower back. So after a day of sitting start the evening with planking.

An other great benefit of planking is getting more flexible. If you are a runner like me you can be a bit stiff. Planking makes almost all the muscles in you body more flexible. This is because of the stretch in your whole body.

Improves you posture
After a few weeks you will see that your posture improves. You stand more straight and balanced. This also benefits you back when you have to sit the whole day. And it is good for any sport you do.

Makes you happy
Planking makes you happy. This work out gives you energy and quick results. Because of the overall body stretch you will feel relaxed. And all these benefits makes us happy.

What do you think of planking?

With love, from Dublin..

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