Everybody loves oats, but why?

oatsWhen I have friends coming over I always ask what they want to eat for breakfast. And it is funny but true, they all eat the same as I do, oats! I think oats are great. I can’t even remember my life without oats. They are great as breakfast, to make healthy snacks and I even use them for pizza as diner. Almost everybody knows oats are healthy but did you know this about oats:

Low calorie food
Oats are very low in calories. One cups of oats is only 130 calories! And oats give you a full feeling. This means one cups of oats a day keeps you body in shape.

High in fiber
Oats are high in fiber. This helps you manage your weight as well. Fiber benefits your digestion and cleans your body.

High in protein
When you work out you need protein for you muscles. Oats is one of the grains with the highest level of protein. So work out means eating oats!

Stabilizes blood sugar
Because of the fiber and complex carbohydrates this whole food turn in to simple sugars. The high level of magnesium helps your body use insulin and glucose in the right way. This all benefits your blood sugar.

Gluten free
Oats are gluten free and for this reason almost everybody can enough oats.

Boost your immune system
Eating oats everyday gives your immune system a daily boost. This is because of the beta-glucan fiber in oats. This fiber helps your body fighting against a bacterial infection.

Different ways of preparing
You can use oats for breakfast, lunch and diner and you can eat them warm or cold. Oats are perfect for every moment of the day in all different ways. I can’t think about a life without oats anymore. What about you?

With love, from Dublin