This will help you having healthy Christmas days

healthy christmasChristmas is coming! This means for almost everybody a lot of food. Extensive brunches, heavy diners and a lot of snacks. There is nothing wrong with enjoying food with your family and friends and nobody needs to diet during Christmas. But you want to stay fit and healthy during these days. Just a few tips to give you a “healthier” Christmas.

Drink water
Drink water trough the whole day. Water will give you a full feeling and will help you against eating endless snacks. Water also helps when you drink alcohol during Christmas. It is fine to have drinks during these days but you want to feel good the next day as well. Water will benefits against a hang over and protects you for drinking to much.

Eat vegetables
Almost all meals include vegetables. Choose for more vegetables than less healthier food like fries or red meat. You can eat everything you like but start with the vegetables. You will see that you eat less of the other food because of the vegetables taking your hunger feeling away.

Choose what you really like
Do you love pie? Take a piece of pie in the afternoon or as dessert and enjoy. But pick only food that you really like. Are there snacks that you don’t like that much? Skip them. Normally you take these snacks because everybody does. If you skip the food that you only pick because everybody does and enjoy the things you really like you will eat half of what you normally do.

Work out
Try to work out in the morning. You don’t have to do a full program but wake you body up with a work out. You will feel fit in stand of lazy and this benefits your hungry feeling as well.

Most important, enjoy the food your eating. It is fine to cheat during Christmas. You work hard everyday and a few days of will not make you fat. Enjoy the food with your family and friends and start with your normal work out and food after Christmas. Just a few days and your body is the same as before Christmas.

Happy Christmas!

With love, from Dublin

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