My favorite running moments

running-motivation-tumblr-i1Running makes me happy. I like to be outside, enjoy seeing other people running and to feel the sun on my skin. These running moments are definitely my favorite:

Early morning
I like the moment early in the morning when the sun comes up. The fact that I live close by the sea makes these moments even more beautiful. I love the different colors of the sky when the sun starts the day. It is a peaceful and great way to start the day.

Extreme weather
This may sound a bit strange but I love a run in extreme weather. Extremely high temperatures, snow and wind. I’m not saying that I prefer it for weeks but a run or two give me a strong feeling. It feels like, the harder I have to work, the better the results.

Wind in my back
O yes, I love this one. A run on the beach with the wind in my back makes me feel I’m flying. Wind in your back gives you the feeling you can run forever!

Green traffic lights
Nothing worse that stopping during your run. That’s why I love green traffic lights. You don’t have to stop and you don’t have to watch out for traffic. (You always have to watch out for traffic of course)

Seeing other runners
It is fun to say hi to other runners. It feels like, I know what you are feeling now. And running faster than somebody else is even more fun. Passing an other runner makes you feel the “better one”.

New shoes
I love the first round on new shoes. It is the best feeling ever. The shoes fit perfect and feel brand new. I can’t explain more, this is really a feeling.

A run in the sun
The sun is my favorite running buddy. The feeling of sun on your skin makes me happy. Running in the summer has an extra benefit, you get a beautiful taint.

The moment when your finished
Nothing feels better than stopping when your finished. I’m still proud after every run. The great feeling after a run makes a lot of people addicted to running and I totally agree.

What are your favorite running moments?

With love, from Dublin

7 thoughts on “My favorite running moments

  1. My favorite running moment is before i start my K-1 class. But the sad part is that, because of the intensity of the hard training i feel terrible. But Running gives you a great and invincible feeling.

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