Running makes you healthy and happy

For a runner like me it makes sense to say that running is fun. I always feel better after run and I can really miss it when I’m on holiday. If you are not a runner it is maybe hard to understand why I like running so much. Maybe I can convince you with this:

Running makes you happy
It is true, the “runner’s high” does exist. When I’m running I can feel the “runner’s high” coming. My mood changes from, the feeling: I’m not in the mood because of the wind, changes in to the feeling, this is really good and I’m happy doing this. When I have a bad day running helps me thinking positive. And a morning run turns my mood from being cold and sleepy in to a positive and strong mood. Running really makes me feeling happy!

Running helps you manage your weight
I can see my body changing when I run longer distances and more often. I loose fat and my muscles grow a bit. Long distance running burns a lot of fat and calories and this means that you have to eat enough to get energy. If you run 3-4 times a week and you eat healthy you will see you body changing. Your jeans will fit better and your body looks stronger.

Running keeps you sharp
Running not only makes you happy but also keeps you sharp. Do you know the feeling that you don’t want to wake up? Or you are not fit and focused? After a run you feel the energy in your body and you will fitter. This helps you being sharp during the day. Running in the evening helps you better sleeping. And a good night sleep helps you being sharp the next day!

Running protects you against diseases
Sport in general helps you stay healthy and protects you against diseases. Running is one of those sports that keeps your body and mind healthy. When I have a cold, I always go out for a run and most of the time the cold is away the next day. (don’t run when you are very sick of course) And because of the running I have less colds than other people, running makes your body stronger to protect you against colds and other diseases.

Running adds years to your life
I have no experience with this but people say that runners life longer. I can only hope for this. But it gives me a good feeling when I run, let’s hope I can still run when I’m 80 years old!

What about you, do you run?

With love, from Dublin..

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