Focus on your work, not on your social channels

Social media can be very tempting during your work. You check you Facebook every hour, whats app messages are answered within 10 minutes and you always feel the need to just ‘check’ your phone, just to be sure you are nothing missing anything. Do you recognize this? These 5 steps will help you focus on your work and not on your social channels.

Step 1 switch of the sound and vibration of your mobile
If you are like me you always have your mobile close by. You probably have your mobile on your desk. Every sound coming from your mobile, even the vibration function, will abstract you from your work. Push messages from Facebook, LinkedIn and Whats app will get your attention when you hear a sound. When you switch everything off you will see that you can focus.

Step 2 Turn your mobile upside down
Turning your mobile upside down really works, believe me. After switching off all the sound you turn your mobile upside down. This because the light of a message can abstract you from your work. You have to get used to it but you will see that you don’t think about your mobile and the need to check you mobile will disappear (for a while).

Step 3 Schedule your posts
Do you use social media for your work? Do you post on LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with your customers and prospects? If you do you will recognize that this abstracts you from your work. It is very tempting to check the different channels to see how your posts are doing. If you schedule your posts every morning for the whole day you don’t have to focus on sharing anymore. This means you save time during the day. You will feel more relaxed because you “finished” this part.

Step 4 Plan your moments to check your social channels
When social media is part of you role you will check your social channels more often than when you use social media only privately. Plan every morning for yourself how often you want to check you social channels. Maybe every hour or twice a day? Include the time you want to share on the different channels in your plan. Again, you have to get used to it but you will feel the difference. Planning will result in more focus during your work.

Step 5 Use different internet browsers
It is very tempting when you see, during your work, the notifications from Facebook increasing. Facebook did a good job showing notifications in the tab. You see every notification. The best thing to do if of course not opening the Facebook or Twitter page. But if you want to have the pages open use than an other internet browser than the one your using for you work. You don’t see the notifications but you still have you social channels available.

Step 6 Cold Turkey
Do you want workdays without social media? Than you can go for the Cold Turkey. Remove all your social media apps from your mobile and block the pages on your computer. It is a cold turkey but it is the best way to end your addiction.

I’m very lucky to be a Social Media Business Listener and I that I have to spend most of my work time on social channels. These tips help me to stay a way from my personal profiles and to focus on my work. What about you, is social media abstracting you from your work?

With love, from Dublin..

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