Good news, dark chocolate is good for you

I admit, I’m addicted to dark chocolate. Every day a piece works for me. The darker the chocolate the better. And I can eat my dark chocolate without any guilt. Yes, dark chocolate is good for you!

Dark chocolate is good for your heart
Dark chocolate lowers the blood pressure and it helps against blood clots. Dark chocolate benefits the blood flow.

Good for your brain
The good blood flow benefits your brain. Your brain works better and it lowers the risk of a stroke. Dark chocolate activates endorphin in your brain and this makes you feel happy. It is the same body reaction as being in love!

Lowers the blood sugar levels
Dark chocolate lowers the blood sugar levels and it lowers the risk for diabetes.

High in antioxidants
Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help you to look younger. Antioxidants also protect you against different diseases.

manage your weight
You only need a small pieces of dark chocolate when you feel the need to snack. A small pieces stops your snacking mood. This will benefit your body!

Don’t eat to much chocolate. A small pieces 3-4 times a week is fine. Eat dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa. I prefer chocolate with 85% cocoa. You have to get used to it before you like it. But I promise you, you will be addicted in a few weeks!

With love, from Dublin